Coccia Foundation and Bimonte Family

The Coccia Foundation and the Bimonte family have generously decided to award grants to members of the AMICI DELLA CULTURA ITALIANA groups on both FDU campuses in the amount of $2000.

Here are the guidelines for eligible members of On-Campus Italian Groups who are members of the AMICI della CULTURA ITALIANA Group (“AMICI Group") only:

  • A Study Abroad Award of $2,000 will be given to each qualifying AMICI Group. The Award will be shared equally among the number of students approved and recommended by the E-Board of each on-campus Italian Group.
  • Students approved by the on-campus Italian Group must be active members of the Group; previous recepients of the same grant are not eligible.
  • Graduating students are NOT eligible unless they can prove they are pursuing Italian Studies beyond the BA level.
  • Student candidates must submit a picture, resume and "dissertation" on why they believe they should be given the Award. They should also state where they are going, why they have selected that program and where they hope it will take them in the future.
  • All approved Students will require a written recommendation of the Group’s Faculty Advisor on the Coccia Foundation Awards Application.

The deadline for filing the complete application to the Coccia Foundation is March 20

                  Coccia Foundation
                  23 Leswing Avenue
                  Saddle Brook
                  New Jersey 07663

Rules for the AMICI Club: it must be in existence and active for at least two semesters. It is required to hold two regional meetings per semester. AMICI student meetings must be attended by a minimum of three students from each club. Any club not represented at Regional Meetings must submit a copy of their presentation to the Student Liaison at the Coccia Foundation. AMICI Clubs must submit a copy of their Constitution and By-Laws, a list of their current E-Board Officers with titles, and complete copies of the AMICI della Cultura Italiana Membership form for each member of the Club. Each AMICI club should conduct a minimum of one Italian-American cultural event each semester.

The Bimonte Family Grant will be awarded to students who intend to pursue Italian Studies



Gloria Pastorino
Associate Professor of Italian and French
Literature, Language, Writing, and Philosophy
(Florham Campus)

Tel: 973-443-8712