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Modern Language and Literature

Study Abroad

Opportunities for study abroad are offered by the department. Some courses have a study abroad component, while others meet entirely outside of the United States.

There are study abroad opportunities to enhance the language learning experience --taught either entirely abroad or with a travelling component-- as well as experiential learning in classes that meet on campus.



The Department of Literature, Language, Writing, and Philosophy offers languages courses at all levels, taught in the target language, as well as a selection of literature and culture courses.

ARAB 1001 --Beginning arabic I
ARAB 1002 --Beginning Arabic II
ARAB 2506 --Arab Culture and Civilization

FREN 1001 --Beginning French I
FREN 1002 --Beginning French II
FREN 1013 --Beginning French III
FREN 2003 --French Conversation I
FREN 2004 --French Conversation II
FREN 3007 --French Culture and Civilization
FREN 3008 --French Film
FREN 3502 --French Translation
FREN 3551 --Topics in French Literature I
FREN 3552 --Topics in French Literature II
FREN 3666 --Witches and Warlocks in the Western World (taught in English)

GERM 1001 --Beginning German I
GERM 1002 --Beginning German II
GERM 2003 --German Conversation I
GERM 2004 --German Conversation II
GERM 3007 --German Culture and Civilization

ITAL 1001 --Beginning Italian I
ITAL 1002 --Beginning Italian II
ITAL 1013 --Beginning Italian III
ITAL 2003 --Italian Conversation I
ITAL 2004 --Italian Conversation II
ITAL 3004 --Italian Film (taught in English)
ITAL 3007 --Italian Culture and Civilization (taught in English)
ITAL 3053 --Creating a Nation (Romanticism, Opera, Realism) (taught in English)
ITAL 3055 --The Italian-American Experience (taught in English)
ITAL 3502 --Italian Translation

JAPN 1001 --Beginning Japanese I
JAPN 1002 --Beginning Japanese II
JAPN 2003 --Japanese Conversation I
JAPN 2004 --Japanese Conversation II
JAPN 2506 --Japanese Culture and Civilization
JAPN 2507 --Japanese Politics

LANG 1001 --American Sign Language I
LANG 1002 --American Sign Language II

SPAN 1001 --Beginning Spanish I
SPAN 1002 --Beginning Spanish II
SPAN 1013 --Beginning Spanish III
SPAN 1011 --Spanish Language and Culture I
SPAN 1012 --Spanish Language and Culture II
SPAN 1100 --Spanish for Global Business I
SPAN 1200 --Spanish for Global Business II
SPAN 2003 --Spanish Conversation I
SPAN 2004 --Spanish Conversation II
SPAN 2504 --Spanish Art and Its Influence in the Americas
SPAN 2505 --The Spanish-Speaking World
SPAN 2506 --Spanish Culture and Civilization (taught in English)
SPAN 2507 --Latin American Culture and Civilization (taught in English)
SPAN 3015 --Hispanic Identities: Myths and Realities
SPAN 3016 --Latin American Classics and Their Film Versions
SPAN 3410 --Spanish Culture and Civilization
SPAN 3411 --Latin American Culture and Civilization
SPAN 3462 --Topics in Hispanic Poetry
SPAN 3463 --The Hispanic Essay
SPAN 3480 --Spanish Classics on Film
SPAN 3510 --Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
SPAN 3501 --Spanish for Business
SPAN 3502 --Spanish Translation
SPAN 3503 --The Short Story in Spanish
SPAN 3551 --Topics in Spanish Literature I
SPAN 3552 --Topics in Spanish Literature II
SPAN 3561 --Topics in Latin American Literature I
SPAN 3562 --Topics in Latin American Literature II
SPAN 3601 --Spanish Syntax I
SPAN 3602 --Spanish Syntax II
SPAN 4005 --Latin American Women Writers
SPAN 4999 --Senior Thesis Seminar



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