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Students have the opportunity to increase the flexibility and marketability of their undergraduate curriculum by combining their majors with other disciplines to form double majors and minors.

As recent literature on developments in the workplace suggest, students who have a “portfolio of marketable skills” will be more employable in the future. Combining, for example, a major in political science with a second major in philosopy or with minors in American studies or globalization and society positions a student well for employment in fields that require analytical or technical skills and knowledge of human motivation and social structure. Combining a major in the visual and performing arts with a minor in creative writing could position a student for a dynamic career in the arts.

The department of literature, language, writing and philosophy suggests that students, in consultation with their advisers, give careful thought to strategic combinations of courses and disciplines.


Discipline Minors

Discipline minors exist in most disciplines and in most departments. Discipline minors usually consist of 18 credits in a specific discipline. The department of literature, language, writing and philosophy offers minors in the following disciplines: creative writing, French, German, Italian, literature, philosophy, Spanish.


Interdisciplinary Minors

Interdisciplinary minors incorporate courses and faculty from various disciplines within the college.



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