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Humanities BA - Requirements

Majors will complete a total of 33 credits that include 6 credits of humanities seminars, 9 credits of introductory courses and18 credits of advanced humanities courses.

Humanities Seminars (6 credits)

·       HUMN2201    Humanities Seminar I
should be completed no later than the first semester of the junior year.

·       HUMN3211    Humanities Seminar II
should be taken in the senior year.


(30-33 credits, no more than one 1000 level course in any one discipline)

Literature (6 credits. Any 2000-3000 level LITS course or Lit in translation in Modern Languages)

History (6 credits)

Philosophy (6 Credits)

Arts (6 credits. Any course in Art History, Music, Theatre or Film emphasizing historical or generic content. Production and studio courses are not counted)

Advanced Electives (6-9 credits. 2000-4000 level in any of the above disciplines)

Internship experience (3 credits in any Humanities discipline may be used to fulfill Advanced Electives requirements)



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