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MA in Creative Writing and Literature for Educators: Curriculum

If possible, students begin with the Foundation Course — Reading Like a Writer — that introduces the practice of writerly exegesis and the focus on how meaning is created. The subsequent writing courses are designed specifically to provide both a creative and writerly/analytical experience in each of the major genres the educators are likely to see in student work. The literature courses offer greater breadth and enriched understanding and connection to the advanced readerly aspects of the literature often taught in high school. Specifically they address:

  • areas of the traditional high school curriculum (Shakespeare, Young Adult Literature),
  • non-Western literature (African Writers, World Literature),
  • cross/intercultural literature (Ethnic American Literature), and
  • contemporary literary issues (Non-Linear Narrative, Theatrical Re-writes).

To earn the MA degree, students must attend the three-day residency within their first year of enrollment (two credits) and complete the following seven courses (four credits each) for a total of 30 credits:

  • Foundation Course: Reading Like a Writer
  • 4 Writing/Critiquing Courses (one from each genre below)
  • 2 Literature Courses (on any topic of interest to you)


Residency and Foundation Course

Writing/Critiquing Courses

Literature Courses


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