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Creative Writing BA - Requirements

Students majoring in creative writing must complete 12 credits of required writing courses, 9 to 15 credits of elective courses in writing, and 15credits in literature electives, 6 of which must be in poetry or fiction as genres or in modern and contemporary literature.

*Effective Fall 2011, requirements for Creative Writing are as follows:

Required Major Courses (24 Credits)

CREW 1001 Introduction to Creative Writing
CREW 2002 Creative Writing: Fiction
CREW 2003 Creative Writing: Poetry
CREW 2016 Creative Writing: Personal Essay
CREW 2255 Creative Writing: Playwriting and Dramatic Structure
CREW 2250 Screenwriting
CREW 3020 Reading As Writers
CREW 4001 Senior Writing Project I (fall of senior year)
CREW 4002 Senior Writing Project II (spring of senior year)

Required Electives (6-12 credits)
Students must take an advanced (3000-level) course in at least two of the four genres; students must have completed the 2000-level  course before enrolling in the 3000-level course. Students may elect other CREW 3000-level courses.
CREW 3011 Advanced Fiction Writing
CREW 3012 Advanced Poetry Writing
CREW 3013 Advanced Dramatic Writing
CREW 3014 CNF: Writing about the Arts
CREW 3015 CNF: Travel Writing
CREW 3025 CNF: Reading Sports, Writing Sports

Additional Electives:
CREW 3047 Literary Publishing
CREW 4498 Creative Writing Internship

Literature Electives (9 Credits)
LITS 200_ World Literature I, II, or III
6 additional credits in LITS at the 2000-4000-level; Wroxton ENGL courses may be applied to these electives


For students who declared the major prior to Fall 2011, the requirements would remain the following:


Required Courses (12 credits)

 ENGW3001 Advanced Writing Workshop 3
 ENGW4001 Senior Writing Project 3

Choose one of the following three creative writing courses:

 ENGW3002 Creative Writing: Fiction 3
 ENGW3003 Creative Writing: Poetry 3
 ENGW3010 Creative Non-fiction Writing 3

Choose one of the following two dramatic writing courses:

 THEA2255 Playwriting and Dramatic Structure 3
 THEA2250 Screenwriting 3

Choose one of the following three writing courses:

 ENGL3005 Critical Writing and Reviewing 3
 ENGW3006 Persuasive Writing 3
 ENGW3013 Article Writing 3


Creative Writing Electives (9 - 15 credits)

Choose any the writing courses above not taken to fulfill a requirment or ENGW3011 Advanced Fiction Writing or ENGW3012 Advanced Poetry Writing

Literature Courses (15 credits)

Choose 15 credits of literature courses, including at least 6 in poetry or fiction as genres or in modern and contemporary literature.



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