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ENGW0198 Fundamentals of Writing (3 credits, NOT counted towards graduation)

The placement test taken during freshman orientation determines the course placement. If students need to review the fundamentals of writing such as sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation they will need to take this preparatory course. This course earns a letter grade and registration credit but does not count towards graduation. This course will help strengthen fundamental writing skills and teach students to generate and organize ideas when writing short (3-4 pages) papers. They will learn to brainstorm, organize, revise, proofread, and edit papers as stages in the writing process. During the semester students will write 5-6 revised papers and 3 in class timed writings in preparation for the final exam. This course meets three times a week.



Students who pass the course will be placed in ENGW1100 the following semester. Grades for this class are weighted in the cumulative average for the semester.


ENGW1100 Writing Skills Workshop (3 credits, counted towards graduation, but NOT towards the Written Communication Req.)



Writing Skills Workshop gives students with acceptable writing skills an opportunity to strengthen critical reading and essay writing skills before entering ENGW1101. Students in Writing Skills Workshop write 5-6 revised essays each semester. Usually these essays are 4 pages in length. ENGW1100 students write at least 20 pages of revised writing and 3 in class timed essays in preparation for the final exam. This course earns 3 credits toward graduation.




Students in ENGW1100 take a common final exam on the first scheduled day of the exam period. Students who pass the course will be placed in ENGW1101 the following semester.


ENGW1101 College Writing Workshop (3 credits, first course in required sequence)



This is the first half of the basic freshman year writing program at Fairleigh Dickinson. Required of all students, this course trains students for writing in the academic world by giving instruction and practice in writing essays, usually one a week.




By the end of the course, students should be able to formulate a strong thesis, organize and develop writing to fulfill that thesis, and integrate material from readings to provide support for their thesis. They will get experience in structuring an essay according to various rhetorical modes. In addition, students will learn techniques for revising papers, for overcoming writing anxieties, and for finding an appropriate voice and tone for their writing.




Students must pass a proficiency examination (a question answered in response to a short essay) and a portfolio review at the end of the course.


ENGW1102 Research Writing Workshop (3 credits, second course in required sequence)



As the second half of the College Writing Workshop sequence, ENGW1102 is designed to teach students how to write research papers for their college courses. They will be expected to write longer papers in ENGW1102 than in ENGW1101. According to the instructor's discretion, students will write five or six papers based on library and other research.




Research will involve library materials and first-hand data gathering, with emphasis on evaluating sources, writing summaries, using paraphrase, citing sources properly, and using the Modern Language Association revised style for documentation. In addition, students will learn how to use various library resources including the computerized catalogue and CD ROM databases and the Internet. They will also learn how to identify, evaluate, and use Internet resources. All ENGW1102 courses meet once a week in a computer classroom.




NOTE: Students may opt to fulfill the second part of their Written Communication requirement by taking a course designated as “Writing Intensive” in lieu of Research Writing Workshop. However, students should have a high grade in 1101 in order for an advisor to recommend this option.




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