Becton College General Education Requirements for classes entering Fall 2017 or after.

I. Written Communication (6 credits)

ENGW 1001 Composition I: Rhetoric and Inquiry (formerly ENGW 1101 College Writing Workshop)

ENGW 1002 Composition II: Research and Argument (formerly ENGW 1102 Research Writing Workshop)

II. Quantitative Analysis (6-7 credits)

One from the following:

MATH 1126 Contemporary Mathematics (3)

MATH 1128 Mathematical Methods (3)

MATH 1107 Precalculus (4)

The second course should be selected from following list of approved courses:

CSCI 1205 Computer Programming (3)

CSCI 2100 Mobile App Development (3)

CSCI 2255 Discrete Structures (3)

CSCI 3294 Data Analysis and Visualization (3)

CSCI 3371 Modeling and Simulation (3)

ECON 4844/POLS 4844/CMLGY 4844 Game Theory (3)

MATH 1130 Invitation to Math (3)

MATH 1133 Applied Statistics (3)

MATH 1155 Mathematical Ideas (3)

MATH 2202 Calculus II (4)

MATH 2255 Discrete Structures (3)

MATH 3371 Modeling and Simulation (3)

PHIL 2777 Formal Logic (3)

PHIL 3302 Symbolic Logic (3)

PSYC 2210 Psychological Statistics (4)

III. Speech/ Professional Communication (3 credits)

SPCH 1107 Fundamentals of Speech

COMM 2099 Professional Communications

IV. Ethical and Moral Analysis (3 credits)

Select from the list of approved courses below:

PHIL 1103 Ethics

PHIL 1111 Business Ethics

PHIL 1333 Environmental Ethics

PHIL 1440 Bio-Medical Ethics

V. Modern Language (3 – 4 credits) * Waived for ALL BS Computer Science Majors ONLY

____ 1002 (Beg. Language II) (3)

____ 1008 (Beg. Language II) Practicum (1)

____ Advanced Language (3)

VI. Humanities (6 credits)

Choose two courses from the following disciplines: Animation (ANIMH), Art History (ARTH), Cinema Studies (CINE), Dance – Humanities (DANH), Graphic Design – Humanities (CGDH), History (HIST), Humanities (HUMN), Literature (LITS), Music -Humanities (MUSIH), Philosophy (PHIL) and Theater – Humanities (THEAH). One course must be at the 2000 level or above and may be within the same discipline. ART 3415 (Wroxton course) may also be taken.

VII. Social/Behavioral Sciences (6 credits)

Choose two courses from the following disciplines: African American Studies (AFAM), Anthropology (ANTH), Communication Studies (COMM), Criminology (CMLGY), Economics (ECON), Geography (GEOG), Government and Law (GOVT, formerly Political Science), Psychology (PSYC) and Sociology (SOCI). One course must be at the 2000 level or above and may be within the same discipline.

VIII. Natural Sciences (7 credits)

Choose two courses from the following disciplines: Biology (BIOL), Chemistry (CHEM), or Physics (PHYS). One of the two, which may be in the same discipline, must include a mandatory lab component.

Select one 4-credit course from:

BIOL 1005 Current Topics in Biology, BIOL 1006 (lab)

BIOL 1007 Animal Biology, BIOL 1017 (lab)

BIOL 1070 Ecosystem and Environmental Science, BIOL 1071 (lab)

BIOL 1080 Structure and Function of Human Body, BIOL1081 (lab)

BIOL 1090 Human Biology and Health, BIOL 1091 (lab)

BIOL 1201 Biological Diversity, BIOL 1203 (lab) – major course

BIOL 1400 Introduction to Microbes, BIOL 1401 (lab)

CHEM 1027 Chemistry for the Global Citizen, CHEM1028 (lab)

CHEM 1201 General Chemistry, CHEM 1203 (lab)

PHYS 1001 General Physics I, PHYS 1101 (lab)

PHYS 1002 General Physics II, PHYS 1012 (lab)

PHYS 1006 Basic Electronics with Applications, PHYS 1015 (lab)

PHYS 1010 Physics of Sustainable Energy, PHYS 1020 (lab)

PHYS 2003 General Physics with Calculus I, PHYS 2013 (lab)

PHYS 2004 General Physics with Calculus II, PHYS 2014 (lab)


Select one 3 credit class from:

BIOL 1002 Plants and Society and BIOL 1012 (lab)

BIOL 1010 Human Sexuality I (non lab)

BIOL 1024 Advanced Topics in Biology (non lab)

BIOL 1041 Tropical Biology (non lab)

BIOL 1170 Introduction to Ocean Life (non lab)

BIOL 1180 Climate Biology (non lab)

BIOL 1190 Exploring the Biology behind the American Museum of Natural History (non lab)

CHEM 1022 Chemistry of Nutrition (non lab)

CHEM 1051 Chemistry of the Crime Scene (non lab)

PHYS 1125 Astronomy, PHYS 1025 (lab)

PHYS 1201 Physics for the Global Citizen, PHYS 1202 (lab)

IX. Creative and Expressive Arts (3 credits)

Choose one course from the following disciplines: Animation (ANIM), Art (ART), Graphic Design (CGD), Creative Writing (CREW), Dance (DAN), Music (MUSIC), Filmmaking (FILM), and Theater (THEA)

X. Global and Comparative Studies (3 credits) *Waived for ALL BS Majors

Select from the following approved courses:

ANTH 2335 African Peoples and Cultures

ANTH 2338 Israeli Society and Culture

ANTH 2430 Anthropology of Law

ANTH 2440 Sustainability & Anthropology

ANTH 3102 Anthropology of Children and Childhood

ANTH 3349 War and Crime (formerly Anthropology of War)

ANTH 3351 Folklore and the Media

ANTH 3353 Food and Folklore

ARTH 3825 Exploring the Great Museums of England

CGDH 2020 History of Graphic Design (formerly CGD 2020)

CINE2207 East Asian Cinema (formerly FILM 2207)

CINE 3215 Introduction to World Cinema (formerly FILM 3215)

CMLGY 3030 Surveillance and Security

CMLGY 3040 Capture and Control: Geographies of Detention and Incarceration

CMLGY 3251 Crime and Punishment in Latin America

CMLGY 3349 War and Crime

CMLGY 3404 International Criminal Law

CMLGY 3424 Terrorism and Counterterrorism

COMM 3019 Global Communication

GEOG 2500 Global Development: Geographies of Wealth and Poverty

GEOG 2600 Urban Geography

GEOG 2700 Environmental Geography

GEOG 3030 Surveillance and Security

GEOG 3040 Capture and Control: Geographies of Detention and Incarceration

HIST 2400 Indian Ocean

HIST 2401 Pacific Worlds

HIST 2402 Atlantic Worlds

HIST 2403 Mediterranean Worlds

HIST 2502 Modern Latin America

HIST 3317 America and the Cold War

HIST 3351 The U.S. as a Global Power in the 20th Century

LITS 2008 Literary Perspectives on Global Cultures and Forms of Expression

LITS 3061 Contemporary World Literature   

LITS 3070 Voices of Contemporary India

LITS 3071 Contemporary African Literature and Culture

LITS 3125 The International Short Story

LITS 3302 Myth and Sacred Texts

LITS 3303 World Folk Literature

LITS 3313 Nobel Literature

LITS 3321 Post-Modern Literature

LITS 3322 Post-Colonial Studies

LITS 3351 Literary Perspectives on the Environment

POLS 3421 Nationalism and Ethnic Violence

POLS 3422 Rebels and Revolutionaries

POLS 3424 Terrorism and Counterterrorism

PSYC 3361 Cross-Cultural Psychology

SOCI 2248 Globalization, Culture and Identity

SOCI 2901 A World on the Move: Contemporary Migration

SOCI 3030 Gender in Contemporary World

SOCI 3344 Schools and Society

SOCI 3365 Sociology of Religion

SPAN 2008 Hispanic Film Writing & Conversation

SPAN 2507 Latin American Culture and Civilization

THEAH 3337 Night at the Theater (formerly THEA 3337)

THEAH 3339 The London Theater Experience (formerly THEA 3339)