Study in England 2018


Offered at FDU's Wroxton College
Oxfordshire, England
Sunday May 27 to Friday June 8, 2018

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MCOM 7002 / COMM 4070 International Communication and Culture is a 12-day seminar offered at Wroxton College each summer for graduate students in the MA in Communication and selected students from the BA in Communication Studies. The seminar consists of invited speakers, case studies, site visits, and leisure trips to London, Stratford, and Oxford.

The objective of the seminar is make students familiar with the cultural, historical, and political contexts in which professional and other interactions take place from a UK and European perspective. Students will also examine case studies conducted by UK media, advertising, and public relations practitioners which show how issues of culture, history, politics, and theory play out in actual corporate communication practice.

The 2018 course will take place from May 27 through June 8. Students completing the course receive three credits toward their degree. Students from the MBA program, the MA in Organizational Behavior, the BA in Communication Studies, and other universities and colleges may also register with permission of the course leader, Gary Radford.

Students will have the opportunity to attend a day of seminars at the Harris-Manchester College of Oxford University.The day will end with the FDU students having High Dinner with the Oxford students in their Dining Hall.

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Dr. Gary Radford, Professor of Communication Studies, will lead this trip and evaluate your work.


Tuition (3 credits): $2,802

Room, Board and Fees (covers room, 3 meals daily while on campus, site visits,transportation, theater tickets, speaker expenses, etc.): $1,310

Total: $4,112

Plus, Airfare (United Airlines, Newark, NJ to London-Heathrow, UK, Flights UA 14 and UA 15)

Notes on Tuition and Fees

The tuition for this course ($2,802) reflects a 25% discount from the University. The normal rate for graduate tuition is $1,245 per credit, or $3,735 for this three-credit class. The 25% discount represents a saving of $933, which is approximately the amount needed to cover the airfare from Newark to London-Heathrow, UK.

The costs for room, board, and fees (i.e., what it will actually cost you to live at Wroxton College for 12 days) works out to $109 per day. This is significantly less than staying at a Holiday Inn! However, this $109 per day covers three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), two coffee breaks per day, your room, your transportation, all admission fees to theaters, museums, the High Dinner at Oxford University, a welcome reception and a formal farewell dinner, a shuttle to and from the airport, and much more. The only money you need while at Wroxton is spending money for your own leisure activities (drinks at the pub, meals at restaurants, souvenirs, and any money you choose to spend in London, Oxford, and Stratford).


Please complete and submit the required "Commitment Form" prior to registration to secure your place for the course at Wroxton. You can complete and submit this form by clicking on the "Commitment Form" link in the left-hand column of this page. It is highly recommended you complete and submit the Commitment Form on or before Friday April 6th, 2018, to ensure your place on the course. Note: This is not the same as registering for the course (see below).


MCOM and COMM students should register for the course as you would any other course. You will be required to pay for tuition, room & board, and fees. MAOB and MBA students please consult with your program administrators concerning registration and payment procedures for your program. Non-FDU students should complete and return the FDU Application for Visiting College Students to the Graduate Admissions Office at the Madison, NJ, campus.


Students are required to make their own flight arrangements to the UK. The following flights are strongly recommended:


United Airlines Flight UA14
Leaves Newark, NJ, Saturday, May 26, 2018, at 7:00PM (this is the day prior).
Arrives London-Heathrow, Sunday, May 27, 2018, at 7:10AM

Return Flight

United Airlines Flight UA15
Leaves London-Heathrow, Friday, June 8, 2018, at 10:05AM
Arrives Newark, NJ, Friday, June 8, 2018, at 1:10PM

Please note that these flight times may be subject to change by United Airlines. As of March 15, 2018, the roundtrip fare was $745.00

Students who use these flights will have airport to college transportation provided for both the outbound and return flights. Students who choose flights on different days and times, or fly into different airports, will have to make their own travel arrangements to and from Wroxton.

You will arrive in England early Sunday morning on May 27. The course begins with a reception on Sunday evening and ends Thursday June 7 with a formal dinner. You will leave for the airport and your flight on Friday morning, June 8.


A passport is required for travel to England. If you do not have a current one, please begin the process now. There is a passport office in Morristown, located in the Morristown Administrative & Records building. To find out when the office is open, what identification you need to bring with you to apply, and directions to its location, call 973- 285-6160.

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