Requirements for the Master of Arts Degree

1. The completion of a minimum of 30 credits.

2. The completion of the six required courses with a minimum grade of B in all six.

3. A minimum GPA of 3.00.

4. The successful completion of the capstone experience.

Required Courses (18 Credits)

MCOM 6001 Principles and Practices of Communication

MCOM 6002  Professional Writing and Editing

MCOM 6003 Presentation Methods

MCOM 6004 Executive Lectures

MCOM 6005 Group Communication and Leadership

MCOM 6006 Research Methods and Materials

Capstone Experience (3 Credits)

MCOM 6099 The Capstone Experience: Principles into Practice

Context  Courses (9 Credits)

The following courses will provides students with experience applying principles they learn to communication practices in culture, interpersonal, and public contexts.


MCOM 7001 Communication, Culture and Change

MCOM 7002 International Communication and Culture (at Wroxton College)

MCOM 7003 Communication and Globalization


MCOM 7101 Communication and Technology

MCOM 7102 Narrative Communication

MCOM 7103 Language and Communication


MCOM 7201 PR in the Modern Organization

MCOM 7202 Crisis Communication

MCOM 7203 Strategic Communication


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