Capstone Experience

MCOM 6099 The Capstone Experience: Principles into Practice

The capstone experience seeks to blend knowledge/theory and application/action. Students will be expected to apply concepts learned during the course of the program toward the completion (i.e. action) of a communication-based project of suitable scope within their own workplace or within another appropriate organizational site. In addition to integrating knowledge gained from coursework, the project students elect to undertake must also demonstrate the oral and written communication skills expected of those nearing the completion of a Master of Arts degree in Communication.

The capstone experience is taught as a blended, 3-credit course, and students will complete their projects under the supervision of the course instructor. All graduate faculty will be involved in the review of project proposals and final assessment.

Students will spend the first 4-5 weeks of the semester developing a project proposal and reviewing the relevant literature. Pending approval of the proposal by the graduate faculty, students will spend the next 6-8 weeks of the semester executing the project outlined in their proposal. The final 2-3 weeks of the term will be spent on presentation and assessment of the project.

Potential projects can include:
— Development and implementation of a training session, workshop, or webinar
— Development and implementation of a communication plan or campaign
— Development and production of a training video
— Development and delivery of a multi-modal presentation
— Completion of a communication audit

Students may enroll in MCOM 6099 only after 18 credits of coursework have been completed and the student has a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Students unable to complete their project within a single semester must have the approval of the course instructor and Graduate Program Director to be given an Incomplete. In the case that a student receives a grade of Incomplete, the student is expected to complete all outstanding work within the first 4 weeks of the subsequent semester.



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