MA in Corporate and Organizational Communication

Producing critically informed and creative graduates who will be competitive contributors to a challenging global workplace.

 The Master of Arts in Corporate and Organizational Communication gives students the opportunity to study communication processes as they occur in the corporate and organizational context.

Offered by the Department of Communication Studies of the Becton College of Arts and Sciences, the program offers communication professionals an academically-based curriculum incorporating communication issues, skills and technology as they relate to public relations, marketing, media, professional writing and communication management.


The program emphasizes development of skills in critical thinking, problem solving, oral presentation and writing.

Students enrolled in the MA in Corporate and Organizational Communication will:

  1. Study the nature of communication in the corporate context, and the nature of the corporation in the cultural context.
  2. Learn how corporations use communication to create and establish brands, reputations and favorable public relations.
  3. Explore strategies used by corporations to communicate with key publics, including consumers, investors, media and employees.
  4. Develop and enrich personal strengths in strategic and critical thinking, ethics, writing and speaking.

By balancing the study of theory and practice, the program is excellent preparation for students:

  • Looking to enhance their careers with knowledge that will apply directly to their working lives, or
  • Interested in pursuing advanced degrees at the doctoral level in corporate and organizational communications


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Gary Radford, Department Chairperson,,