All members of the Communication Studies faculty hold advanced degrees in the discipline of Communication. They have worked professionally in media, advertising, public relations, and a variety of other fields in communication. Faculty members have published articles in professional and scholarly journals and written books on communication theory, organizational communication, advertising, communication pedagogy, semiotics, and the philosophy of communication. Communication faculty hold senior editing posts at The Atlantic Journal of Communication and are active members of state, regional, national, and international academic communication associations.


comm2012gary FULL

Gary P. Radford, Ph. D.

Professor of Communication Studies
Acting Chairperson (Fall 2014 Semester)

Theory and Philosophy of Communication, European Theories of Communication.
ZEN Office 251; Telephone: 973-443-8648
Email: gradford@fdu.edu
Webpage: http://alpha.fdu.edu/~gradford

comm2012kathleen FULL

Kathleen Haspel, Ph. D.

Associate Professor of Communication Studies
Director, MA Corporate and Organizational Communication

Interpersonal Communication, Discourse Analysis, Language and Social Interaction
ZEN Office 120; Telephone: 973-443-8466
Email: haspel@fdu.edu
Webpage: http://inside.fdu.edu/pt/haspel.html

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Christopher Caldiero, Ph. D.

Associate Professor of Communication Studies

Public Relations, Crisis Communication
ZEN Office 254; Telephone: 973-443-8649
Email: christopher_caldiero@fdu.edu
Webpage: http://inside.fdu.edu/pt/christopher_caldiero.html

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Kate Dunsmore, Ph. D.

Associate Professor of Communication Studies

International Communication, Political Communication
ZEN Office 252; Telephone: 973-443-8640
Email: dunsmore@fdu.edu
Webpage: http://inside.fdu.edu/pt2/faculty/dunsmore.html


comm2012sarah FULL

Sarah Latson, M.S.

Senior Lecturer in Journalism

Feature Writing, Medicine/Health Reporting
ZEN Office 252; Telephone: 973-443-8464
Email: slatson@fdu.edu
Webpage: http://inside.fdu.edu/pt/slatson.html

comm2012tony FULL

Anthony Spina, Ph. D.

Senior Lecturer in Communication Studies
Associate Director, MA in Corporate and Organizational Communication

Organizational Culture and Change, Technology and Society
ZEN Office 119; Telephone: 973-443-8463
Email: drspina@fdu.edu
Webpage: http://inside.fdu.edu/pt/drspina.html

comm2012jen FULL

Jennifer K. Lehr, Ph. D.

Associate Professor of Communication Studies
Chairperson, Department of Communication Studies

Mass Media and Advertising, Communication and Gender

ZEN Office 253; Telephone: 973-443-8647
Email: jennifer@fdu.edu
Webpage: http://inside.fdu.edu/pt/lehr.html


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