BA in Communication Studies


The Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies at the College at Florham is an interdisciplinary liberal arts major that prepares students for a wide-range of communication careers as well as for advanced academic study.


Course requirements in media studies, theory, research, global communication, and writing introduce students to major areas of study and practice. Please note: Students entering the university as of Fall 2012 will have the option of selecting a concentration within the major. Click on the "Concentrations" link on the left-hand menu for more information.

The Communication Studies degree culminates in an internship with a communication-related organization in settings that have included corporations, government offices, public relations and advertising agencies, theaters, film studios, health organizations, museums, television or radio stations, newspapers and magazines. graduation.

Graduates of the program are employed throughout the northeast in a variety of corporations as editors, writers, technical writers, marketing representatives, public relations specialists, assistant producers, and more. Many students have gone into teaching and the law.


Required Courses (18 Credits)


COMM 2001 Perspectives on Communication Studies

What is communication? This is the question that drives this course. The structure of the course reflects the fact that there are two main schools in the study of communication. The first sees communication as the transmission of messages. It is concerned with how senders and receivers encode and decode and sees communication as a process by which one person affects the behavior or the state of mind of another. The second school sees communication as the production and exchange of meanings. It is concerned with how people interact with messages/texts/language in order to produce meaning and examines the roles of texts/language in our culture.

COMM 3018 Mass Communication

This broad-based survey course will – using the construct of media literacy as an overarching theme – look at the development of, and contemporary trends in, all of the major mass media industries including: books, newspapers, magazines, sound recordings, motion pictures, radio, television, and the WWW.  Time will also be spent discussing media effects and other cultural issues related to our use of mass communication media.

COMM 3019 Global Communication

This course focuses on communication in a global environment.  Areas of consideration include: the nature of culture; language and verbal communication in a global context; social organizations and communication; the impact of technology and transnational communication; the concepts of power and influence in a global environment; concepts of time and space; communication in global organizations.  Students are expected to follow business, political, and cultural news during the semester.

COMM 3022 Communication Research

The primary goals/objectives for this course are to introduce students to the concepts, approaches, and tools for gathering and analyzing information in research related to communication, and generally, to make students better consumers of the research they are exposed to in their everyday lives.  By the end of the semester students will be acquainted with the terminology and concepts of social science research as they are used in the field of communication studies, be able to use library and Internet sources to gather information, be able to develop a research question, hypothesis, and accompanying review of the relevant literature, and have a working understanding of the range of methodological approaches available to communication researchers.

COMM 4005 Literary and Communication Theory

This course considers the contribution and impact of literary theory within contemporary communication studies. It examines perspectives such as semiotics, hermeneutics, phenomenology, structuralism, and post-structuralism and explores what literary theory contributes to our understanding of human communication processes.

COMM 4001 Communication Internship

The communication internship requires a minimum of 150 hours of work in a communications-related position: e.g. public relations, advertising, journalism, broadcasting, corporate communications, etc. Students participate in weekly online discussions about their internship experiences while maintaining a log of the the work completed on-site. Students are evaluated through a final analytic paper and portfolio which must clearly demonstrate the connections between classroom lessons and the student's field experience.


If you have any questions about the BA in Communication Studies, please email the Department Chairperson, Dr. Gary Radford, at






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