5 Year BA/MA Program

The five-year BA/MA accelerated program combines the Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies with a Master of Arts in Communication. Students can earn an MA by taking 30 credits of graduate-level coursework, nine of which are taken during the undergraduate senior year.

MA coursework typically takes one extra school year, including one summer or winter session course. Learn more about the MA in Communication here.

Admission into the Five-Year Program

By the start of their junior year, students who are interested in pursuing the five-year BA/MA program must have:

1) Completed 64 credits of undergraduate course work including:

COMM 2001 Perspectives on Communication Studies
COMM 3018 Mass Communication
COMM 3019 Global Communication

2) Earned a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or higher.

By the end of their junior year, students applying for admission to the five-year BA/MA program are required to submit a completed application, personal statement, unofficial transcript, and two letters of recommendation to the MA Program Director. Applications are reviewed by the faculty of the Department of Communication Studies and applicants for the five-year program are interviewed by the Director of the MA Program.

Required Course Sequence

Senior Year - Undergraduate (9 Graduate Credits)

The senior undergraduate year of all BA/MA students is a qualifying year. Students must earn a B grade or better in each of the three required classes in order to qualify for the graduate year. Failure to earn B grades or better in each required class means that the student will not be allowed to continue into the graduate year. Instead, the student will graduate at the end of the senior year with a BA in Communication Studies.

Fall of UG Senior Year

MCOM 6001 Principles and Practices of Communication*

Spring of UG Senior Year

MCOM 6005 Group Communication and Leadership*

MCOM 6006 Research Methods*

*Note: These three graduate courses count towards the completion of the B.A. degree. Students graduate with a BA degree at the end of their Senior Year.

Graduate Year (21 credits)

Summer (3 credits)

MCOM 7002 International Communication and Culture (a cultural context course offered at FDU's Wroxton, UK campus)


MCOM context course

Fall (9 credits*)

MCOM 6002 Professional Writing and Editing

MCOM 6003 Presentation Methods

MCOM context course

Spring (9 credits*)

MCOM 6004 Executive Lectures

MCOM 6099 The Capstone Experience

MCOM context course

Student walks in Commencement Exercises at the end of the Spring semester.

*Note: Students have the option of completing a Summer session course prior to the Graduate Year and/or at the end of the Graduate Year. Students may also complete 3 credits with a Winter session course.


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