Becton College - Administration

Florham Campus


Office of the Dean

  • Geoffrey Weinman, Ph.D., Dean
  • Jennifer K. Lehr, Ph.D., Associate Dean
  • Elizabeth Feeley, M.S., Associate Dean for Student Services
  • Christine Ferraiuolo, Assistant to the Dean
  • Theresa Montalbano, Assistant to the Dean

School of Pharmacy

  • Michael Avaltroni, Ph.D., Dean
  • Anastasia Rivkin, Pharm. D., Assistant Dean for Faculty
  • Barbara Rossi, M.A., Assistant Dean for Experiential Education
  • Chadwin Sandifer, Ed.D., Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Programmatic Effectiveness
  • Colleen DiGregorio, Assistant to the Deans

Academic Support Services

Biological and Allied Health Sciences

  • Patricia Melloy, Ph.D., Chair
  • June Middleton, Ph.D., Director of Allied Health Programs

Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Science

  • Gloria Anderle, Ph.D., Chair

Communication Studies

  • Gary P. Radford, Ph.D., Chair
  • Kathleen Haspel, Ph.D., Director, M.A. in Corporate and Organizational Communication

Literature, Languages, Writing & Philosophy

  • Odysseus Makridis, Ph.D., Chair
  • M. Kathryn Douglas, M.A., Director of College Writing
  • Rebecca Chace, M.F.A., Director of the B.A. in Creative Writing
  • Rene Steinke, M.F.A., Director of the M.F.A. in Creative Writing
  • Matthieu Boyd, Ph.D., Director of the M.A. in Creative Writing and Literature for Educators

Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics

  • Laila Khreisat, Ph.D., Chair
  • Diane Richton, M.S., Director of Developmental Mathematics

Physical Education

  • Elizabeth Feeley, M.S., Chair


  • Anthony Tasso, Ph.D., Chair

Social Sciences and History

  • Gary Darden, Ph.D., Chair

Visual and Performing Arts

  • Howard Libov, M.A., Chair, Director of the Film Production Program 
  • Stephen Hollis, B.A., Director of the Theater Arts Program
  • Robin Barkley, M.A., Director of the Animation and Video Game Animation Programs
  • Janet ONeil, M.F.A., Director of the Graphic Design Program



Becton College of the Arts and Sciences
Fairleigh Dickinson University
Florham Campus
285 Madison Ave - M-MS2-01
Madison, NJ 07940


Fairleigh Dickinson University Mansion
Office Location
Mansion - Room 14

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