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Ph.D., Chemistry, Seton Hall University
B.S., Biochemistry, Seton Hall University


Courses taught at FDU:

Biochemistry I-II Lecture
Biochemistry Laboratory
Organic Chemistry Laboratory I-II

Instrumental Foundations in Chemical Analysis
Biochemistry I-II
Biochemistry for the Medical Sciences
Chemistry Seminar


Research interests:

Research in the Elshaer lab takes place at the interface between the fields of bioorganic chemistry, polymer chemistry and materials science. Our studies are aimed towards understanding the chemical principles that contribute to the molecular recognition phenomena that is vital to many biochemical processes and is at the heart of promising bio-medically related technologies. Most notably, is our interest in the design and development of novel systems that provide structure and sequence specific recognition of DNA. This biomimetic approach involves the preparation of soluble molecularly imprinted polymer nanoparticles that contain a 3-dimensional network with a memorized cavity specific to the shape and functionally of the templated DNA target molecule. This approach can potentially have profound implications as a biochemical reagent or therapeutic agent. We are also interested in the preparation of functional materials, specifically, the synthesis and immobilization of cationic porphyrins on various support systems for applications as photosensitizers and biocides. All our efforts utilize current organic chemistry tools, biochemical techniques and structural characterization.



Dr. Mohammed R. Elshaer
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