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Biochemistry BS Pre-Pharmacy Concentration - Requirements

123 credits
Curriculum is certified by the American Chemical Society if the student meets the 400 hour laboratory minimum.


Major Requirements

Semesters 1 and 2
CHEM1201 / CHEM1211 General Chemistry I Lecture / Recitation
CHEM1203 General Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM1202 / CHEM1212 General Chemistry II Lecture / Recitation
CHEM1204 General Chemistry II Laboratory

Semesters 3 and 4
CHEM2261 / CHEM2265 Organic Chemistry I Lecture / Recitation
CHEM2263 Organic Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM2262 / CHEM2266 Organic Chemistry II Lecture / Recitation
CHEM2264 Organic Chemistry II Laboratory

Semesters 5
CHEM3242 / CHEM3246 Physical Chemistry II Lecture / Recitation
CHEM3244 Physical Chemistry II Laboratory

Semester 4 or 6
CHEM2221 / CHEM2223 Analytical Chemistry Lecture / Laboratory

Semester 5 or 7
CHEM3281 / CHEM3283 Biochemistry I Lecture / Recitation
CHEM3389 Biochemistry I Laboratory
CHEM2211 / CHEM2213 Inorganic Chemistry Lecture / Laboratory
CHEM4253 Pharmacokinetics
CHEM4285 Pharmacology

Semester 7
CHEM4233 Instrumental Analysis Lecture
CHEM4234 Instrumental Analysis Laboratory

Semester 8
CHEM4501 Biochemistry Capstone
CHEM4263 Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry


Cognate Requirements

Semesters 1 and 2
MATH1203 Calculus I
MATH2202 Calculus II
BIOL1201 / BIOL1211 / BIOL1203 Biological Diversity Lecture / Recitation / Laboratory
BIOL1202 / BIOL1212 / BIOL1204 Introduction to Molecules, Cells and Genes Lecture / Recitation / Laboratory

Semesters 3 and 4
PHYS2003 / PHYS2023 / PHYS2013 General Physics with Calculus I Lecture / Recitation / Laboratory
PHYS2004 / PHYS2024 / PHYS2014 General Physics with Calculus II Lecture / Recitation / Laboratory
BIOL1205 / BIOL1207 Anatomy and Physiology I Lecture / Laboratory
BIOL1206 / BIOL1208 Anatomy and Physiology II Lecture / Laboratory

Semester 4, 6, or 8
BIOL2003 / BIOL2004 Cell Biology Lecture / Laboratory

Semester 3, 4, or 5
MATH1133 Applied Statistics

Other requirements
ECON2001 Introduction to Microeconomics
COMM2099 Professional Communications


Major Electives

CHEM4215 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM4351 Chemical Kinetics
CHEM4436, CHEM4437 Mentored Research in Chemistry (sophomore)
CHEM4438, CHEM4439 Mentored Research in Chemistry (junior)
CHEM4440, CHEM4441 Mentored Research in Chemistry (senior)
CHEM4371 Organic Synthesis
CHEM3241 / CHEM3245 Physical Chemistry I Lecture / Recitation
CHEM3243 Physical Chemistry I Laboratory (must be taken with CHEM3241 / CHEM3245 Physical Chemistry I Lecture / Recitation)
CHEM2274 Physical Organic Chemistry
Any Biology Area II or III Courses
Or any course approved by the department chair



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