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Pharmaceutical Chemistry MS - Requirements

Total Degree Credits: 31-36


Core Courses

(25 credits)

CHEM6781 Biochemistry
CHEM7751 Chemical Kinetics
CHEM6805 Graduate Seminar
CHEM6663 Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry
CHEM7733 Instrumental Analysis
CHEM7735 Pharmaceutical Analysis
CHEM7753 Pharmacokinetics
CHEM6685 Pharmacology
CHEM6673 Physical Organic Chemistry


Elective Courses

(6 credits)

CHEM6613 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM7771 Advanced Organic Chemistry
CHEM7783 Biochemistry II
CHEM7891 Internship/Laboratory Work Experience
CHEM6806 Graduate (Non-Thesis) Research in Chemistry (by invitation), or other CHEM6000 or greater level course as approved by the Department Chair


Foundational Courses

(5 credits) Required for international students and for students with undergraduate degrees in fields other than chemistry or biochemistry

CHEM5803 Instrumental Foundations in Chemical Analysis Laboratory
CHEM5242 Physical Chemistry II



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