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Chemistry MS - Requirements

Satisfactory completion of a minimum of 32 credits (see * below) in courses prescribed or approved for the degree of Master of Science in chemistry. Compliance with the minimum course requirements listed below.


Core Courses

CHEM6613 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM6673 Physical Organic Chemistry
CHEM6781 Biochemistry
CHEM6805 Graduate Seminar
CHEM7771 Advanced Organic Synthesis


Two of the Following Three Courses:

CHEM6641 Quantum Chemistry
CHEM6651 Chemical Thermodynamics
CHEM7751 Chemical Kinetics


Other Courses

CHEM6801 Research and Thesis (Optional)* 3 credits each semester
CHEM6802 Research and Thesis (Optional)* 3 credits each semester
CHEM6803 Thesis Seminar (Optional)*

*A student may substitute 9 credits of additional chemistry courses for: CHEM6801, CHEM6802 Research and Thesis and CHEM6803 Thesis Seminar (total 7 credits) requirements. This makes a minimum of 34 credits in courses for the Master of Science degree when a student elects the nonthesis option.

Minimum of 6 credits in additional chemistry courses approved by adviser. Up to 6 credits of graduate courses in a single area outside chemistry to be approved by adviser may be substituted.



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