Dr. Brian F. M. Olechnowski

Courses Taught at FDU

Conservation Biology
Animal Behavior
Biological Diversity
Introduction to Molecules, Cells, and Genes laboratory


Research Interests

My central areas of research involve the conservation, ecology, and behavior of birds and mammals at a community or landscape scale. I am particularly interested in working in forest, montane, and most recently, urban systems. The questions I am interested in studying include 1) songbird community and behavioral responses to changes in habitat structure due to habitat destruction and climate change, 2) how vertebrate diversity responds to restored systems through time (succession), 3) long-term population trends in bird and mammal species as a result of changes in landscape use, 4) changes in reproductive and nesting behavior as a result of habitat changes and global change, 5) changes in community dynamics and behavioral interactions as a result of trophic cascades, 6) captive mammalian behavior and applications to captive breeding and conservation, 7) the current status of animal shelters in the United States, and the behavioral impact on captive dogs and cats, and 8) the initiation of ATBI (All-Taxa Biodiversity Index) programs in the Northeast United States (especially in urban green spaces).



Ph.D., Iowa State University, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, 2009
B.S., Cornell University, Applied Ecology and Natural Resource Management, 2004


Selected Conference Presentations and Publications

Olechnowski, B.F.M., D.M. Debinski, W.T. Reed, K.Viste-Sparkman, P. Drobney. 2009. Examining changes in vegetation structure through time in a restored tallgrass prairie ecosystem and the implications for avian diversity and community composition. Ecological Restoration 27(4):449-458. (2011 – Oral presentation at the International Association of Landscape Ecologists, Portland, Oregon)

Olechnowski, B.F.M. and D.M. Debinski. 2008. Response of songbirds to willow habitat structure in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 120(4):830-839. (2009 – Poster presentation at the International Association of Landscape Ecologists, Madison, Wisconsin) 

Deitloff, J., D.C. Adams, B.F.M. Olechnowski, and R. Jaeger. 2008. Interspecific aggression in Ohio Plethodon: Implications for competition. Herpetologica 24:180-188.

Pritchard, J., D.M. Debinski, B.F.M. Olechnowski, and R. Van Nimwegen. 2006. The landscape of Paul Errington’s work. Wildlife Society Bulletin. 34(5): 1411-1416.


Phone: (973) 443-8765
Email: bolech @ fdu.edu
Office: West Cottage 10

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