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Podiatric Medicine BS-DPM - Requirements

Department of Biological and Allied Health Sciences

Florham Campus


1st Semester Credits (18)

  • BIOL1201, BIOL1203 General Biology I (Lecture and Laboratory)
  • CHEM1201 General Chemistry I
  • CHEM1203 General Chemistry Laboratory I
  • CSCI1105 Survey of Computers and Computer Software
  • ENGL1101 English Composition I
  • FRSH1000 Freshman Seminar
  • MATH1133 Applied Statistics


2nd Semester (18)

  • BIOL1202, BIOL1204 Introduction to Molecules, Cells and Genes (Lecture and Laboratory)
  • CHEM1202 General Chemistry II
  • CHEM1204 General Chemistry Laboratory II
  • CORE1006 The Global Challenge
  • ENGL1102 English Composition II
  • Mathematics Sequence


3rd Semester (16)

  • BIOL3253, BIOL3254 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy (Lecture and Laboratory)
  • CHEM2261 Organic Chemistry I
  • CHEM2263 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
  • ENGL2201 Masterpieces of World Literature I
  • Mathematics Sequence


4th Semester (15)

  • BIOL2003, BIOL2004 Cell Biology (Lecture and Laboratory)
  • CHEM2262 Organic Chemistry II
  • CHEM2264 Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
  • CORE2007 Perspectives on the Individual
  • ENGL2202 Masterpieces of World Literature II


5th Semester (15)

  • BIOL3256, BIOL3257 Genetics (Lecture and Laboratory)
  • BIOL3009, BIOL3019 Microbiology (Lecture and Laboratory)
  • CORE2008 Cross-cultural Perspectives
  • PHYS2201 Physics Laboratory I
  • PHYS2203 University Physics I


6th Semester (16)

  • BIOL3337, BIOL3327 General Physiology (Lecture and Laboratory)
  • CHEM3281 Biochemistry I
  • PHYS2202 Physics Laboratory II
  • PHYS2204 University Physics II
  • Fine Arts Elective
  • Humanities Elective



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