Allied Health Faculty and Staff

Biological and Allied Health Sciences Department


Dr. Joseph Agugliaro, Assistant Professor of Biology
Vertebrate Anatomy and Physiology
Pre-health advisor

Dr. Patricia Melloy, Associate Professor of Biology
Cell Biology

Professor Sara Reynolds, Assistant Professor of Biology,
Director of Allied Health Programs

Dr. Edith Myers, Associate Professor of Biology
Genetics, Neuroscience, Molecular Biology

Dr. Brian F. M. Olechnowski, Assistant Professor of Biology
Conservation Biology

Dr. Harald F. Parzer, Assistant Professor of Biology

Dr. James D. Salierno, Associate Professor of Biology
Ecology, Ecotoxicology

Dr. Mohamed El-Sherbeini, Clinical Lecturer,
Human Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology for Health Sciences

Cailin O'Connor Fitzpatrick, M.S., Lecturer,
Biological Diversity, Introduction to Molecules, Cells & Genes laboratories

Camilla Coniglio, Administrative Assistant

Paul Broek, Laboratory Coordinator,

Adjunct Faculty:

Carl Bird, M.S.,
Human Biology

Ashley Gaunt, M.A.,
Human Sexualtiy

Nancy Harris, Ed.D.,
Ecosystem & Environmental Science

Dale Levine, M.S.
Animal Biology

Evona Panycia, M.A.T.,
Biological Diversity laboratory

Brittany West, M.S.
Anatomy and Physiology laboratory, Cell Biology laboratory

Dr. Stephen Zipko,
Ecosystem & Environmental Science

Professors Emeritus:

Dr. Ronald Carlin
Human Anatomy and Physiology