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BSCLS - Medical Laboratory Science Concentration

Department of Biological and Allied Health Sciences



Biology Requirements

 BIOL1110, Medical and Pathological Terminology

 BIOL1201, Biological Sciences I
 BIOL1203 (Lecture and Laboratory)

 BIOL1202, Biological Sciences II
 BIOL1204 (Lecture and Laboratory)

 BIOL1205, Anatomy and Physiology I
 BIOL1207 (Lecture and Laboratory)

 BIOL1206, Anatomy and Physiology II
 BIOL1208 (Lecture and Laboratory)

 BIOL2003, Cell Biology
 BIOL2004 (Lecture and Laboratory)

 BIOL3009, Microbiology
 BIOL3019 (Lecture and Laboratory)

 BIOL3332, Immunology
 BIOL3333 (Lecture and Laboratory)

 PHIL3303 Biomedical Ethics


Chemistry Requirements

 CHEM1201, General Chemistry I
 CHEM1203 (Lecture and Laboratory)

 CHEM1202, General Chemistry II
 CHEM1204 (Lecture and Laboratory)

 CHEM2261, Organic Chemistry I
 CHEM2263 (Lecture and Laboratory)

 CHEM2262, Organic Chemistry II
 CHEM2264 (Lecture and Laboratory)

 CHEM3281 Biochemistry I



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