Becton College - Course Numbering

Florham Campus


The following numbering conventions are used for all undergraduate and graduate courses listed in the Fairleigh Dickinson academic bulletins:

0000-Developmental Level
Remedial or developmental courses intended to prepare students for entry into curriculum or to remove a deficiency, no degree credit.

1000-Freshman Level
A lower-division course having no formal prerequisites beyond admission into the curricula or intended for freshmen or lower-division students.
2000-Sophomore Level
A lower-division course having a I 000-level prerequisite or intended for sophomores.
3000-Junior Level
An upper-division course having a 2000-level prerequisite or intended for juniors or upper-division students.
4000-Senior Level
An upper-division course or thesis having a 3000-level prerequisite or intended for seniors.

5000-9000-Graduate Level
A graduate course.



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