Final Exam Schedule - Spring Semester

  • All examinations are scheduled for two-hour time slots.
  • All examinations must be given during the week of the published Final Examination Schedule.
  • If your class does not meet during one of the specified time periods, your instructor will notify you of when the examination will be scheduled.
  • All remedial English, ENGW1101, and Mathematics sections will meet for common examinations. Check with your instructor for the day, time and location.
  • Certain University Core sections will have a common examination. Check with your instructor for the day, time and location.

Instructions for the tables

To find the time and place of a final examination, use the table corresponding to your campus. The exam start day and time is in the column for the days the class meets and the row for the class times. For example, a Florham Campus class that meets Tuesday and Friday at 12:45 will have its final examination on Friday at 12:30 during the exam week.

Florham Campus Final Exam Schedule

  Class Time Mon/Thu Tue/Fri Wed
8:30am-9:45am Mon 10:00am Tue 10:00am  
9:30am-12:00pm     Wed 10:00am
9:55am-11:10am Thu 10:00am Fri 10:00am  
10:00am-12:30pm     Wed 10:00a
11:20am-12:35pm Mon 12:30pm Tue 12:30pm  
12:00pm-2:30pm     Wed 12:30p
12:45pm-2:00pm Thu 12:30pm Fri 12:30pm  
2:00pm-4:30pm     Wed 3:00pm
2:10pm-3:25pm Mon 3:00pm Tue 3:00pm  
3:35pm-4:50pm Thu 3:00pm Fri 3:00pm  
evening classes Exam during regular class time

Metropolitan Campus Final Exam Schedule



Class Time Mon/Wed/Fri Tue/Thu
8:00am Fri 10:00am Thu 10:00am
8:30am Wed 10:00am
[Mon 10:00am for Monday-only class]
Thu 10:00am
[Tue 10:00am for Tuesday-only class]
10:00am Mon 10:00am
[Wed 10:00am for Wednesday-only class]
Tue 10:00am
[Thu 10:00am for Thursday-only class]
11:30am Wed 12:30pm
[Mon 12:30pm for Monday-only class]
Thu 12:30pm
12:00pm Fri 12:30pm Thu 12:30pm
[Tue 12:30pm for Tuesday-only class]
1:00pm Mon 12:30pm
[Fri 12:30pm for Friday-only class]
Tue 12:30pm
2:00pm Wed 3:00pm
[Mon 3:00pm for Monday-only class]
Thu 3:00pm
[Tue 3:00pm for Tuesday-only class]
3:30pm Fri 3:00pm Tue 3:00pm
5:00pm Mon 3:00pm Tue 3:00pm
evening classes Exam during regular class time


Spring Semester 2018

May 7 (Monday)

May 8 (Tuesday)

May 9 (Wednesday)

May 10 (Thursday)

May 11 (Friday)

May 12 (Saturday)