Faculty Senate Bylaws


The primary responsibility for initiation of educational policy, maintenance of academic standards, requirements for degrees, admission standards, faculty status, and research shall rest with the Faculty. The Faculty's authority in these areas shall be exercised through the various committees described herein, in association with the appropriate academic officers and subject, ultimately, to the approval of the Board of Trustees [Faculty Handbook, IV.2]. The Faculty's authority in the area of University-wide academic policy shall be exercised through the Faculty Senate [Ibid, V].

Bylaws Committee:

Martin Green, Chair (Academic Policies and Research Committee)
Anthony Adrignolo (Planning and Budget Committee)
Helen Brudner (Handbook Committee)
David Flory (Faculty Rights and Welfare Committee)
John Kehoe (Senate President, ex-officio)
Joel Harmon (Senate Vice President, ex officio)

Final version May 2005.

Revised February 2006 (Senate-approved changes noted in red font)

Revised November 19, 2008 (Senate-approved changes noted in blue font)

Revised November 18, 2009 (Senate-approved changes)

Revised October 26, 2016 (Senate-approved changes)