Kyungnam University

Kenneth Vehrkens, dean, Petrocelli College (Metro/Flor), announced that The Gateway to the Future, MiraeRo! program, has enrolled 15 Korean-speaking students working toward their associate degrees. This program is similar to the Puerta al Futuro program where the initial classes are offered in the native language, and as students become more proficient in English, the course work is offered in English. Parts of Northern New Jersey have a growing Korean population who can benefit from a program such as this, which focuses on 30- to 50-year-old recent immigrants who did not have an opportunity for higher education prior to coming to the United States.

There is a new FDU-Korean Program with 23 graduate students from Kyungnam University in South Korea who attended an intensive two-week continuing education cyber crime class in January. Classroom training was coupled with trips to the Bergen County Correctional Facility, The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, the New Jersey State Police Regional Computer Forensics Lab, an emergency management facility in New York City and the New Jersey State Police Regional Operations Intelligence Center (ROIC). The students learned how to investigate cell phones, PDAs, laptops, wireless access points and connected computers as well as electronic eavesdropping device detection. The class was conducted by Eamon Doherty, administrative science and director, Cyber Crime Training Lab (Metro).