BELIZE [more about this country]

Galen University

In June, 2003, FDU entered into an articulation agreement with this newly founded university. Articulated programs are in various fields of business and allow students to earn a B.S. or B.A. degree (and in one case a M.S. degree) at FDU after beginning their studies at Galen University in Belize. [more]

BRAZIL [more about this country]

Centro Universitario (UNA)

An MOU was signed in March, 2005. It is anticipated that UNA students will come to FDU for study abroad, although additional possibilities will be explored.

Faculdades Integradas de Vitoria (FDV)

An MOU was signed in June, 2006. It is anticipated that FDV students will come to FDU for study abroad.

CHINA (People’s Republic of) [more about this country]

Northeastern University - Shenyang, China

The Silberman College of Business signed a cooperation memorandum of understanding on January 14, 2003. The two universities committed to develop an MBA program, which would utilize distance learning.

Shenyang University - China

Shenyang University of China and FDU signed an agreement in January, 2003, to commit to work together to establish an articulated program in business that allows students to earn a BS or MS degree at FDU after beginning their studies at SU.

Capital University of Economics and Business (Beijing)

An MOU was signed in February 2006. CUEB hosted a trip to Shanghai in June 2006 for FDU global MBA students. The development of faculty exchange, short course study abroad, and CUEB Administrator education programs is under discussion.

COLOMBIA [more about this country]

Universidad Autonoma de Bucaramanga

An MOU was signed in February 2005. A summer program will be developed for UAB that permits students to earn an FDU degree, during two summers supplemented with on-line coursework.

CYPRUS [more about this country]

Intercollege - Cyprus

Signed in May, 2002, FDU's agreement with Intercollege contains articulated programs in psychology, international studies, communications, electrical engineering, engineering and information technologies, computer science, management information systems, biology, chemistry, biochemistry, and nursing. [more]

DOMINICA [more about this country]

Ross University Medical School

In 2006, an agreement was signed that guarantees admission to the medical school for FDU undergraduates, who have achieved an appropriate undergraduate GPA.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC [more about this country]

Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra

After signing a general agreement in May, 2003, a program was developed between PUCMM and FDU's International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. In its first months of operation, 30-40 students have started the program, which involves an internship along with coursework. Programs under development between the two universities include a pre-med/medical program and programs in University College.

In addition an innovative program, Dos Mundos Unidos, will start in September 2006. In this program students spend two years at FDU and two years at PUCMM. During their four years of study students will earn an FDU BAIS degree with a concentration in Latin American Studies.

A program, in which PUCMM students spend two summers at FDU and earn the credits required for an FDU BAIS degree in addition to their PUCMM degree is also in development.

ECUADOR [more about this country]

Universidad Catolica de Santiago de Guayaquil (Guayaquil)

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed in April, 2004. It lays the groundwork for preparing joint programs at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. The first programs to be studied will be Tourism, Business, Nursing, Pre-med, and engineering.

FRANCE [more about this country]

IECS - Strasbourg Graduate School of Management

An MOU was signed on May 29, 2006 that provides multiple opportunities for student and faculty exchange.

Reims Management School

Since 2003, RMS has sent students for a semester abroad in Global and traditional MBA programs at FDU’s Silberman College of Business.

GERMANY [more about this country]

Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft - Germany

FHSW and FDU are jointly developing programs in business. Currently their students attend programs at Wroxton College and has sent students to FDU’s one year global MBA program. They have also expressed interest in having FDU develop a short-term study abroad semester during the summer.

HONG KONG [more about this country]

Chinese University of Hong Kong

A program in Communications has been established that permits CUHK students to earn undergraduate degrees in communications, having two years at CUHK and two years at FDU. In October, 2004, a delegation from CUHK came to FDU and discussed the establishment of a new college in their University. FDU will develop programs with the new school. Currently, programs in Tourism, Business, and Computer Science are being developed, includingan articulation agreement in UG business that allows students to earn a BS at FDU after beginning their studies at CUHK.

University of Hong Kong

In October, 2004 FDU and The University of Hong Kong, School of Professional and Continuing Education Community College, signed an agreement for academic cooperation. In the agreement articulations are established for their students to enter into our B.A. in Communications, B.A. in Liberal Arts, B.S. in Biology, B.S. in Computer Science, and B.S. in information Technology.

Lignan University

In January, 2003, FDU and Lingnan University entered into an agreement to accept Lingnan Associate Degree students into FDU programs

HUNGARY [more about this country]

Central European University - ( in Budapest, Hungary:

FDU signed MOU with Central European University (CEU) in January 2007 that, among others, offers a unique opportunity for a selected number of advanced undergraduate students from FDU to participate in graduate study abroad at CEU and undertake semester-based or summer professional internships in Budapest. CEU is an international university with around 1000 graduate students who come from more than 70 countries. More information about CEU, its study abroad and internship opportunities, application forms, costs and available scholarships can be found at

INDIA [more about this country]

Alliance Business School

In July 2007, The Silberman College of Business and Alliance Business School, Bangalore, India, signed an agreement which will offer students enrolled in the Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM) at Alliance Business School (ABS) the opportunity to enroll in a Dual Degree Program (DDP). This program is uniquely designed to equip students with the skills needed to conceive more entrepreneurial approaches for addressing the challenges confronted by an organization and to be mindful of developing strategies that can be implemented. Students will complete 6 months of coursework at ABS before enrolling for a 12 month period at FDU. Curriculum highlights of the 51-credit, 24-month program, include: the opportunity to earn a specialization in marketing, finance or general management, and for qualified students, an additional four- to six-month practical training experience in the US. Upon fulfilling the graduation requirements of each institution, students who are admitted into the DDP will be awarded the MBA degree by FDU and the PGPM degree by ABS.

ISRAEL [more about this country]

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Beer-Sheva)

In June, 2003, FDU signed an agreement with BGU. According to the general agreement, areas of common interest will be developed. In the summer, BGU faculty offer an intensive Hebrew and Israeli culture program on the Metropolitan Campus.

KOREA (Republic of) [more about this country]

Kyungnam University

In 1985 a general academic exchange agreement was signed by KU and FDU. Currently, each summer, approximately 60 students come to FDU to participate in an intensive, three week, English language/American culture immersion course. Additional programs are being developed for graduate business studies and undergraduate mechanical engineering. Silberman College of Business is now focusing attention on developing a 10 day summer business seminar that will be attended by part-time KU MBA students.

Sungkyungkwan University

In 2006 an MOU was signed. It is anticipated that the major resulting activity will be study abroad opportunities for Sungkyungkwan students.

Woosuk University

In 2005, an MOU was signed by FDU and Woosuk. An articulation agreement in UG business is under development that allows students to earn a BS degree at FDU after beginning their studies at Woosuk.

LEBANON [more about this country]

University of Balamand -- Lebanon

On September 6, 2005, FDU and University of Balamand signed an MOU. Active discussions are currently underway:

    1. The International School of Hotel and Tourism Management at FDU and School of Tourism and Hotel Management at UOB will work together on developing curricula that will permit students to earn some of their academic credits at each university.
    2. Marine Biology at FDU and Institute of Environmental Studies & Marine Resources & Coastal Zone Management Program are examining sources of funding to carry out projects off the coast of Lebanon. It is envisaged that research teams made up of representatives of both schools will carry out the research.
    3. Office of Global Learning and Educational Technology at FDU will include the Faculty of Health Science and Technology team at UOB in its videoconferencing of United Nation and World Health Organization events.
    4. Silberman College of Business is actively being encouraged to teach on-site and to develop joint business programs.
    5. An additional area of potential cooperation is notably Middle East Studies.

MALAYSIA [more about this country]

University College Sedaya International

As part of a comprehensive MOUan articulation agreement in undergraduate business is under development that allows students to earn a BS at FDU after beginning their studies at UCSI.

MEXICO [more about this country]

Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, School of Medicine

The School Of Natural Science signed an articulation agreement on April 16, 2007. The program is based on the U.S. model. Students who complete the program are eligible to practice medicine in all 50 states. UAG School of Medicine is approved by the U.S. Department of Education as an eligible institution to participate in the Stafford Plus and Supplemental Student Loan Programs. While Spanish is not required for applicants, one-year college level Spanish is recommended. There is a rolling admissions policy and two entering classes per year (August and January). Residencies in all 50 states. or

MONACO [more about this country]

International University of Monaco

An articulation agreement signed in April 2004 provides an opportunity for graduate students in the FDU global MBA program to study foundation-level courses at IUM and then continue at FDU to complete an MBA. IUM students have enrolled in the full one year global MBA program as a result of the IUM partnership and several other joint initiatives have flourished, including:

  • Customized semester study abroad for FDU graduate and undergraduate business students: To date, 1 graduate and 1 undergraduate completed work at IUM, and 1 graduate student plans to attend IUM in Fall 2006
  • A seminar conducted at FDU for graduate students to learn about US business (5 IUM students participated)
  • FDU student team participation in IUM’s International Business Plan competition (4 students participated)

A 2 week business travel component in the global MBA where students work directly with international business professionals. An overview of the 2005 trip can be found at In June 2006-07, the global MBA class traveled with IUM students to Beijing for a 10 day visit.

PHILIPPINES [more about this country]

University of the East

In June, 2005, agreement was established to work to develop programs in which students from the University of the East could come to study nursing or engineering at FDU

POLAND [more about this country]

Karola Marcinkowski Medical School

On November 1, 1996, an agreement was signed that permitted students, after three years of study as biology majors at FDU, to progress directly into this highly prestigious medical school. Students, who maintain appropriate academic standards, are guaranteed admission.

ST. KITTS AND NEVIS [more about this country]

Ross University of Veterinary Medicine

In 2006, an agreement was signed that guarantees admission to the school of veterinary medicine for FDU undergraduates, who have achieved an appropriate undergraduate GPAs.

SINGAPORE [more about this country]

Republic Polytechnic- Singapore

Republic Poly and FDU signed an articulation agreement in April, 2004, to make it possible for RP students to come to FDU and complete undergraduate degrees in Biology; Biology with a concentration in Biotechnology; Medical Technology; Electrical Engineering; and Information Technology

Temasek Polytechnic - Singapore

In February 2002, FDU agreed to accept Students with Temask Polytechnic Diplomas into FDU programs. To earn FDU degrees students need to spend a minimum of one academic year at FDU and take one-half of their major program.

SPAIN [more about this country]

International University Study Center - Barcelona, Spain

Signed in 1994 to articulate the three year environmental science program in Spain with one year of study at FDU in a B.S. program, the agreement was expanded to include marine biology and communications. Approximately 200 students have taken advantage of this program.

Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio - Madrid, Spain

Having signed a general agreement of academic cooperation, the two schools are working to develop programs in environmental science and hospitality and tourism management.

University of Cordoba

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed in November 15, 2004. Various specific possibilities are being considered for student exchange.

THAILAND [more about this country]

Bangkok University

Signed in 2002, FDU's agreement with Bangkok calls for the two schools to establish collaborative programs in Marketing, Communication Arts, Business English, Hotel and Tourism Management, and others. BU students have enrolled in the global MBA program.

Mahidol University International College

In April, 2004, FDU and MUIC entered into a Memorandum of Understanding that will be developed into an articulation agreement. It is anticipated that it will include a wide-range of academic disciplines.

URUGUAY [more about this country]

University ORT Uruguay

In December of 2004, their Rector signed and MOU to work with FDU. Details are now being established for a full agreement.